Warm Air Central Heating

Note: Latest developments of 21st century technology make huge differences over the original 20th century designs

All Johnson & Starley Warm Air Heaters are fully Part ‘L’ compliant and meet the latest Building Regulations

Many customers are interested to know just what “Warm Air Heating” actually means.

In the UK your house is most likely have either a traditional boiler with the associated plumbing and radiators attached or the alternative of a warm air system.

In fact not many people realize that warm air heating systems are the preferred option used in cold climates such as the USA and Canada. Warm air heating systems were particularly popular in the UK in the seventies and eighties, currently as well as the USA and Canada it is a widely used system throughout European countries.

As opposed to extensive plumbing which has the risk of leaks and airlocks, ducting pipework is fitted throughout the property and pumped from a central heat source. Obviously there are space saving benefits from not having radiators installed. A well designed system is quiet the house will be warmed quickly as heated warm air is produced almost instantly and the absence of radiators can make the room layout cleaner and simpler.

Modern warm air heaters give your home stable room temperatures, comfort conditions and better fuel efficiency with smooth, quiet operation. No longer is there the risk of cold spots and draughts that were characteristics of the old systems.

A further benefit of having a warm air system is that faults are usually easier to indentify and trace, however it is a specialist product requiring appropriately trained and qualified engineers. Think if it this way a tractor engineer would not be trained to service your Mercedes Benz car. As few plumbers have attained the legal requirements needed to look after these systems when asked to repair a fault on a warm air system many condemn it and recommend the customer to replace it with a conventional radiator system rather than admit it is system that they are not qualified to work on.

Many believe that warm air heating systems are the best modern heating solution for large properties, commercial properties and office blocks.