Johnson & Starley Aquair Models

AQUAIR 80 is a water–to–air heat exchange unit with a heat output of up to 8kW (assuming a hot water supply at 80°C is available). Although supplied as a downflow unit, it has the ability to be converted to upflow configuration.

Aquair comes with ‘Modairflow’ electronic control as standard, The standard wire mesh filter can be upgraded to our Cleanflow electronic air cleaner.

A 3-way motorised valve controls the water flow to the unit directing the flow either through the units heat exchanger or to a free flow bypass. Flow is regulated by a lockshield gate valve through the heat exchanger, while air is drawn in via the filter/air cleaner and heat exchanger by a centrifugal fan and discharged through the opposite end of the unit.

A summer air circulation switch facility allows the fan to supply unheated air to the outlet during warm summer weather. An external timer (not supplied) will be needed if required to set periods of operation.